It’s such an honor to be Eric’s (student since 2017) sister. This school and the opportunities its given him are phenomenal. To watch him grow, thrive and come out of his shell has been the most rewarding thing for me to watch. Thank you Trousdale for your dedication to these students.

Sam P., Sister

Our Team

Anna Munford, Vocational Coordinator

Anna Munford, Vocational Coordinator

Anna joined Trousdale School in September of 2017 as the Administrative Coordinator.  Anna transitioned to Vocational Coordinator in 2019.  As Vocational Coordinator, Anna oversees the Trousdale School supported job sites, both facility- and community-based.  Additionally, she works with the vocational team to initiate and maintain relationships with potential and current employers, to facilitate training on job sites, and to develop vocational goals and objectives.

Anna moved from St. Louis, Missouri in 2010 to attend Lee University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree. Anna also holds a master's degree from Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Anna enjoys supporting students in their jobs as a job coach. She also enjoys working on the school show every year.

She currently lives in Cleveland with her husband, David along with his family. In her spare time, Anna enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, sports, and traveling.