"I am thankful for Trousdale School because I love hanging out with my friends. I am thankful that I conquered my fear of performing in front of crowds at the musical."

Joseph S., Student since 2007

Life At Trousdale

Life at Trousdale School is active and wide reaching. Students begin the day on campus at 8:00AM and have a full schedule until they depart at 4:00PM. A typical day may include school newspaper, gardening, adult conversation, music, math, physical education, and cooking. Or maybe the student works during the morning hours and steps in after lunch for functional academics, physical education, and an elective. Each individual is met at his/her level with classes that are developed to maintain skills learned, add skills where they are able, and grow friendships along the way.

Each student has an Individualized Life Plan (ILP), updated annually, establishing goals and objectives in the areas of functional academics, life skills, physical fitness and vocation. ILPs are designed by the team with the goal of establishing a plan for preparing each student to live and work as independently as possible in their home, in the community, at their job, and while at school.