"Trousdale School provides peace of mind for parents. Trousdale School means our son can be all he is capable of becoming with a bright and positive future."

Ed & Darlene C., Parents


Trousdale School serves high functioning adults with intellectual disabilities, providing academics and life skills for the purpose of learning independence.  At Trousdale School, our vision is “Learning for Life.”  We strive to be an authentic community in which students are empowered to continue learning across all dimensions of their lives, both inside and outside the classroom.  Because we emphasize real-world situations and application of knowledge and skills, our educational approach can be termed “life-wide” learning.

28 trousdaleTrousdale School’s holistic approach to education includes classes in traditional academic subjects (such as science, math, and reading), the arts (drama, music, and visual arts), as well as electives (cooking, gardening, etc).  Students play on sports teams and receive training in personal fitness and computers.  Trousdale School also provides programming that teaches life skills, as well as vocational coaching with the goal of job placement for each interested student.  The educational approach of “life-wide” learning does not simply focus on one particular subset of skills with an individual, but rather it focuses on skills and interests across the whole life of that individual.  At Trousdale School, this learning takes places in a community of true friends who cheer one another on and always strive for excellence.  Students take great pride in their achievements and in their community.

Most Fridays we take a field trip to one of our surrounding communities.  These visits are both educationally enriching and fun.  In the past we have taken a cooking class at a culinary school, gone bowling, toured Merck to see where sunscreen and pharmaceuticals are made, and attended musicals at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.  Some additional trips include Mayfield Farm and Nursery, a space experience at the Challenger Center, a tour of WTCI, and a trip to learn about antiques!  These outings give students opportunities to learn about new things and different cultures, enrich many life skills, and bond with other students who share these experiences together.