It’s such an honor to be Eric’s (student since 2017) sister. This school and the opportunities its given him are phenomenal. To watch him grow, thrive and come out of his shell has been the most rewarding thing for me to watch. Thank you Trousdale for your dedication to these students.

Sam P., Sister


fitnessPersonal fitness is an important component of a rich, independent life.  Many wonderful results in students’ lives have come directly from fitness class at Trousdale School.  Pedometers were donated to us in 2013 by a Walgreens where one student works, and they were an immediate hit!  The students loved to see how many miles/steps they took each day.  Students would try to get in extra steps throughout the day, whether it was walking laps in the morning before classes or after they finished lunch.  We made a walking chart, and it soon became a fun competition between friends.  It is a source of pride for students to show staff how much they walk each day.  Our students have walked over 1,700 miles within the year—which is about the distance from Cleveland, Tennessee to Salt Lake City, Utah!

How to live a healthy, active lifestyle is a topic we focus on each day, whether it is encouraging the students to participate in daily workouts or simply to choose to drink water throughout the day.  Every two weeks students are weighed to see how the choices they have made affect their bodies.

As part of fitness at Trousdale School, we also play a diverse number of sports, including the common sports like basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, as well as other sports like disc golf, putt putt, bocce, aerobics and croquet.  The students enjoy learning new sports and skills, they always try their best, and they encourage each other.  Their excitement is contagious whenever a student makes a goal, basket, or hole.  Their encouragement to each other reminds us all every day that everyone needs encouragement, not just in sports.  As such, fitness is a rewarding part of “life-wide" learning at Trousdale School.