"When these students are given tools, support and inspiration, they will continue to blossom and grow."

Tom Johnson, Founder, Trousdale School

How Movies Are Made

We have electives three afternoons a week, and these offerings rotate every month. Electives were created to give students a chance to choose their own classes and expose them to new opportunities. Over the years, electives topics have been scrapbooking, kickboxing, juggling, grilling class, sushi class, card games, different types of art projects and more! The Trousdale News is produced during this hour where students record the weekly reminders and share with students and families. 

At the end of 2018, Jeanette and Allen decided to teach “How Movies Are Made.” We started the elective by introducing the many different jobs required to create a movie.   Next, we learned about special effects and the green screen. We toured the Media Services department at Lee University to see how they use technical equipment and how a green screen works. We wrapped-up this elective by producing our own movie. The goal was not necessarily to produce a high-quality film, but rather use the knowledge we gained to actually make a movie. We recorded on iPads, and our green screen was a nine dollar piece of fabric. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed creating!