"Trousdale School students take every opportunity to continue learning through our staff's creative selections."

Shannon C., Executive Director

Social Development

social trousdale1One of the most important parts of any person’s life is relationship, whether with family, a significant other, or with a friend.  Trousdale School provides true community for its students by providing opportunities for these men and women to establish meaningful relationships with friends who understand them and can relate to them.  These friends talk on the phone with each other, spend time with each other on weekends, support each other during the hard times of life and celebrate with each other during the happy times.  As such, Trousdale School is an inclusive community which encourages learning and growing.

Each week we have a class in character education where the initial focus is on upcoming events and how to prepare for them, the types of behavior that will be expected, and any questions students might have regarding these upcoming events.  The class then focuses on an activity, story, or discussion regarding a variety of topics, such as boundaries, sharing, grief, manners, new friends, strangers, pet care, helping others, getting along with parents, how to express oneself, respect, etc.  The staff holds the students accountable to act and be their best selves.  Our society sometimes allows these men and women to continue in certain tendencies because their disabilities are more readily perceived than their abilities.  At Trousdale School, students are encouraged to develop their social skills and so to rise above those negative behaviors that they are capable of overcoming.